Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's here! It's here!

My Devilbiss 515 oxy-con finally arrived, and after a little hiccup we got it up and running with my new Nortel Minor torch that arrived a few weeks ago.

OMG this is such a world of difference, so nice! I love how quickly the glass melts, and with the new CG Beadroller I picked up, (the Donut Spacers, BR-1301), I can make a bunch of spacers quick and easy.  You can see it hiding behind the torch in the above picture.

While I was waiting for the the oxy-con to arrive, I put together a glass storage rack for all the new glass I've been acquiring, and the glass cataloging project has continued.

I've changed the catalog system a bit, but I'm hoping the new system will work better. Those sharpie numbers I wrote on that batch of sample beads I showed a picture of earlier all got rubbed off, so I decided to use little little price tags on strings to thread through the bead. This way, I can label every bead I make so I don't forget what colors I used on them.  Now that I've got the torch and oxy-con set up I've started making sample beads of all the colors of glass I have.  Yeah, still OCD about stuff like that.  Maybe I should seek help. :^)

I'm really happy with the first results I've had with the new setup.  The Minor burns so clean and hot that I haven't had any trouble with soot, glass burning or bubbles.  I was even able to get Electric Yellow and Carnelian Opal to strike!  I've heard people say that compared to an oxy/fuel torch the colors you get on a Hot Head are duller and the glass is less shiny, and I think I've actually seen that about the "shininess".  I know when I'm taking the beads off the mandrel, the new beads are more slippery, even when I'm using a towel.

Since today is Sunday, my husband and daughter are going to a friend's house to give me some free time to torch, and I'm going to see what I can do about practicing stringer work.  Yup, I'm obsessed with perfecting my stringer work, and now with the hotter Minor it's like I have to learn how to make beads all over again.

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