Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paralyzed by indecision...

I haven't been very prolific at the torch and therefore at the blog the last few days because I can't decide what to make. I watch lampwork tutorial videos and read Lampwork, Etc. And I think, "That looks neat! I wanna give that technique a try!" Then when I get to the torch, all those cool ideas flush out of my head like a huge idea toilet and all I'm left with is a swirling vortex of chaos and indecision. I just wanna make nice, wearable beads, but when I melt the glass I'm getting uneven, badly colored crap that looks like my "first beads" all over again. I'm a much better lampworker than what is coming out of the kiln, but it doesn't matter if all I make is crap, and this all because I can't bring myself to decide on what to make!

I need a plan. A curriculum.

So, starting tomorrow, I will plan, follow, and, in my blog, document a curriculum for learning how to make marketable lampwork beads.

Step 1, get a good night's rest. Good night!

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