Thursday, February 9, 2012

Too tired to make beads...

Emma wouldn't go to sleep early enough for me to make beads tonight, and after the last two night's going to bed after midnight, I just couldn't safely make beads tonight. Imagine that, "La la la, I'm making beads. Oops! Nodded off there for a moment and slipped my finger into the flame."

But! I have beads to show from yesterday's bead making debauchery.  
Happy Valentine's Day!
Here's a nice bouquet of red and pink polka-dot beads for you to smell.
Oh, sorry, didn't mean to get that mandrel up your nose there! 
Since this post is so short, I offer you a picture of an adorable baby girl as recompense.

Whee!  I'm gonna be a crazy-haired German physicist someday!
So, good night and good luck! Or, see you tomorrow. *shrug* One of those two.

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