Monday, May 14, 2012

Etsy and stuff...

So I posted five bead sets on Etsy a couple months ago now, and after a flurry of hits the first couple weeks they haven't had any attention at all since.  As can be expected I'm kind of disappointed, but I'm also giving myself the freedom to change my tactics.  My listed prices might be too high, I will need to spend more time advertising myself, I might need to take better pictures for the listings, and the most important thing I need to do is list more stuff.  Right now I'm just trying to decide which of the hundreds of beads I've made I will turn into a cute piece of jewelry to list.

Last couple weeks I've spent almost all my torch time concentrating on making largess for the incoming Queen of Caid. Largess is just gifts that the Queen will give away to members of the populace, and since the Queen has to give away lots of stuff, she needs lots of hands to make those gifts.  Hence, my local group has been making banners and badges, beads and bangles.  

Also SCA related, I'm now the Deputy Arts & Sciences Minister.  I submitted my warrant to the Kingdom Minister today and hopefully all the paperwork will get filed all nice and official-like.  I'm looking forward to providing some "official" direction to our Canton so far as A&S goes in the form of helping to keep people motivated to do Arts & Sciences. Hmm, I need to get a new calendar to keep notes of what everyone's been working on.  

Last but not least, Mother's Day (yesterday) was just great.  We spent the whole afternoon at the beach with friends swimming, relaxing and playing with Emma.  After a few minutes of panic on Emma's part, we finally convinced her to get in the bath... 'scuse me, I mean the ocean, and by the time we wanted to leave a few hours later, Emma was running around with other kinds in the shallow, calm waters of Anini Beach.  No, we didn't take any pictures, but sometimes you have to just enjoy your experiences instead of spending the whole time recording them.

Happy Mother's Day!

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