Friday, June 22, 2012

You get two! Two! Two treasuries in one! :)

Ms.B on Etsy was kind enough to feature one of my favorite beads in a treasury today so I thought I'd share it along with the one I posted earlier today! :)

I find the composition of that particular treasury ironically amusing. The most common theme for a treasury is items with similar colors (see here) where another bead set of mine was featured. All the items featured are or have blue in them. But the only theme Ms.B's Etsy treasury has is just to reciprocate and thank the people who have featured her items in a treasury. The ironic part? That treasury is gorgeous, like all the items were picked out because they enhance the beauty of the whole. They match!!! is what I'm trying to say, and badly. I must be tired from looking at all the beautiful treasuries over on Etsy.

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