Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On the ground in Portland...

I woke up several times Monday night worried that I'd woken up late and missed our flight, and by the time seven o'clock rolled around I was wide awake and already getting dressed.  A couple hours later, our awesome friends, Dick and Wendy, drove us to the airport.  Coincidentally, Wendy was taking a flight out just half an hour after our flight and it worked out great for all of us.  We chatted in the airport with some nice people from Cleveland and after I offered my condolences we made our way to our gate to wait for our flight to board.

The Kauai to Oahu leg was a bumpier than normal ride, and Jon lost all sensation in one of his legs as we were landing. I wonder how THAT happened. :^)

In the Oahu airport we had an hour layover, but by the time we got out of the first plane they were already calling preboarding for the second.  The walk between the two gates passed through a neat open air concrete passage from which we could see the planes at their gates.  Zoom in on my glasses and you can see a plane in the reflection.

On the Oahu to Portland flight we got the luckiest of breaks.  Emma fell asleep within a half hour of take-off and we had peace and quiet for a whole hour and a half.

She woke up just as they were serving the meal.  I have to say that Hawaiian Airlines in-flight meals suck.  The free meal was a ham (bologna, really) and white American cheese sandwich on a bun with nothing else.  Jon bought the sushi, I bought a cheeseburger, we got Emma the free sandwich, and gave her our sides.  And Emma watched Jane and the Dragon and Thomas and Friends quietly for the next three hours.  It would have been absolutely blissful if not for the occasional turbulence.

About half hour before the plane landed, all hell broke loose, in a manner of speaking.  Emma became bored with her shows, spilled a cup of orange juice on  herself, and started bouncing around and hitting Jon with a stuffie.  I guess it wasn't all Emma's fault.  Jon wouldn't stop tickling her. Finally, the videos regained Emma's attention and there was peace in the world once more.

Another bumpy landing and we touched down in Portland.  In an ironic twist, it was about 80 degrees with high humidity at 11pm.

We found Jon's dad, Garland, and after a very pleasant interchange with a PDX traffic cop we drove to Garland's house where we unpacked, plugged in all our devices, and went. To. Bed.  Ah, to sleep, perchance to dream.

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