Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gathering Recap (Finally!)

While on vacation in Portland in July we had the chance to get up to Bellevue, Washington for a couple days to the International Society of Glass Beadmakers annual convention, the Gathering.

I was blown away by the beautiful beads I saw, the friendly people, and the awesome deals on glass, tools (a shell press and a beadroller) and tutorials!  I spent WAY too much money, but I'm happy with what I got.  Even better was the Bead Swap on the last day of the convention.  The name says it all.  I brought a string of my own beads and I picked up over fifty awesome beads in trade from other beadmakers.  Here is an almost complete selection of the beads that came home with me.

If you recognize one of the beads as yours but the name is wrong, or vice versa, please let me know.  I had a *teensy* bit of difficulty keeping all the business cards together with the right beads.

I also invite everyone listed below to leave a comment with their website address, Etsy shop name, or what have you, and I'll edit this post to include a link.

Aren't these all absolutely gorgeous beads?!

Beth Eliason

Bethany Burch

Carlos Bazan

Crystal Clark

Diane Peterson

Diane Sepanski

Diane Woodall

Dream Fire Glass

Duane McCormick

Elaine Rusk

Elise Swope

Elizabeth Bunn

Elizabeth Ward

Ellen Gaimari

Evelyn Duberry

Gayle Wolfe-Himes

Glenda Long

Helen of Red Sheep Beads

Joy Munshower

Judy Carlson

Julie Levitt

Kandice Seeber

Karla Klein

Kathy Lowe

Kathy Spignese

Kerri Fuhr

Lara Lutrick

Laura Bowker

Lori Bergmann

Marcy Lamberson

Marlene Minhas

Mary Tarara

Melody Spence

Morgan Campbell

Nicole Valentine

Pam Spencer

Patrice Tobolowsky

Penny Dickinson

Rene Perez

Roger Child

Sally Wood

Shannon Vickers

Susan Shahinian

Tammy Osczepinski Kerber

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