Friday, December 14, 2012

Nothing to blog about...

So I'll list some of my favorite blogs and why I like them.

Beaded Laughter - Today we all need a little something to take away the blues.  If you haven't seen it before, read through the whole blog.  It's hilarious.

Design Seeds - Great place to go for just beautiful color palettes.

Brandi Girl Blog - Another great place for beautiful color palettes, and a lot of other good info about color theory and photography.

Beads By Laura - Great beads and she has some really helpful YouTube tutorials.  For those that are YouTube challenged, she has a bunch of beadmaking tutorials in PDF too.

Coloraddiction Blog - Very useful glass bead color testing blog by someone I met a the Gathering in Bellevue.  I've always loved her beads and her very informative blog.

Earrings Everyday - I love how this blog pairs handmade earrings with sample outfits.  It helps inspire me when I'm making beads to remember that the jewelry never lives alone on the body.  There's always an outfit that the wearer will pair it with.

Jed and Rosie's Homestead - Nothing to do with beads or jewelry but they're good friends of mine. :)

Living Life Creatively - More lovely beads and discussions of general stuff from a friend on Lampwork Etc.

Mind Melt - Another great glass bead color testing blog from another friend on Lampwork Etc.

Studio Marcy - Cute beads by another Lampwork Etc. friend I got to meet in person at the Gathering in Bellevue.

Tales of a Zombie Princess - Just plain ol' adorable cuteness.

Ok, that's enough of that today.  You'll see the list is in (mostly) alphabetical order, so please don't think that I put them in order of preference, I was just going down my Google Reader list and that's how they're sorted.

Oh, all blog posts (whether good or bad) should have a pic of some sort.  Let's see what I can find floating around on my hard drive for you all to view.
Best Friends
Emma and Charley
Easter 2012
Ok, so sometimes I can't resist sharing pics of my daughter.  Look at that face, how can you blame me?

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