Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beads from my last session...

Here are the results of my labors at my friend's house.  If my description of my color project confused you, this image will probably help.

As you can see, there are three "sets" of beads.  The bottom one is just a little fun I had with Devardi glass (if I recall correctly; I guess I'll have to ask my friend and edit this post if I'm wrong).  The top two sets are part of my color project.  You can see that the base beads of the first set is green, the base beads of the second set is orange, and supposedly, I used the same set of stringers for each.  Besides the fact that I made one less bead for the greens, it appears that the green glass of those beads reacts quite differently than the orange glass does.  It's hard to see because the lighting conditions weren't good, but there's a lot of crackling in the stringer decoration on the green beads.  But that, my friend, is the exact reason I'm doing this project: to see how the different glass colors interact.

Even though I missed making one green bead (and now I can't actually tell the difference between some of the stringer colors!!!) I consider this first session a rousing success.  It taught me that 1, mark the mandrels somehow so I know which stringer I used (or maybe keep the stringer the same and make the base bead in all the different colors), and 2, that green I used causes the stringer to go all crackly, which is an effect I like, but if I'm not trying to do it, I should keep away from the green or only do raised stringer with that color.

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