Thursday, July 7, 2011

An impossible task...

So, you might have been laughing at me for the last few days because you realized something I didn't really get until today, but this color sample project is not gonna fly.  I just bought yet MORE glass today, another 25 colors!  If I stick to this project religiously, I'll be making color sample beads until my 2 year old's grandchildren are having grandchildren!  I don't even think my calculator has enough digits to figure out how many beads I'll have to make with all the glass I want to buy.  So, yeah, color sample project put on hold.  What do I do now?

Well, with all this glass I'm going to be buying I'm going to need a way to store it!  So, off to the research races.  Some people at LWE have been using this to store their glass.  While really nice looking, I'm not accustomed to storing my glass laying flat.  I'm not saying I won't do it, I just never have.  But then, I've always had about a pound and a half of the stuff, so it's not like I needed much of an organizational system before now.  And we just got done building new upright pvc glass storage, too, but it barely fits the 3 pounds of glass I have now, let alone the 7 pounds I just ordered today.  Oh my, 10 pounds of glass.  What WILL I do with myself?!? :)

The reason I splurged and bought so much glass is because Creation is Messy (CIM) is discontinuing a host of their colors, and a couple of my favorites were in that list of soon-to-be discontinued colors.  CIM calls their glass "Messy Color".  I just love that, it makes me want to eat it!  Or run my fingers through it.  Or something otherwise obscene!

When I checked out the Frantz Art Glass website to buy some of the colors, one of the favorites isn't even listed, but the other was, and since I hadn't bought any of that yet I decided to buy a pound, and then 1/4 pound of all the others that were going away soon.  Frantz Art Glass has awesome sales, and these discontinued colors are about 60 or 70% off right now.  I hate Frantz Art Glass, they make me spend way too much money!

In case you're curious, my favorite color is blue.

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