Monday, February 6, 2012

Coming home...

After neglecting my blog for many weeks I am coming back to stay. Not every post will be pithy and insightful. Not every post will have pictures. Nor will every post be grammatically correct, 'cause, hey, even I'm not perfect.

Most of the posts will be coming from my phone, so hopefully what pictures there are will be half-decent. Someone please complain in the comments if the pictures are crap so I can fix it.

The latest news is the long-awaited, long-anticipated arrival of the kiln.  It is a beaut! And once you decipher the heiroglyphical instructions it is even easy to use. I have run (I think) five batches of beads, all but one being concurrent with making beads.

The one "batch anneal" did result in some etched CIM Peace, which is a disappointment, but I will just havve to experiment with annealing times and temps. I will be a pro at programming the kiln in no time!

Here is the obligatory photo of the day. I made this set of beads for my boss for Christmas. I was her Sectret Santa. How lucky was she?! LOL

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