Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Swinging from the trees...

Sorry it's taken me so long to return to my blog. That vacation I spoke about in my last posts got the better of me and it has been hard to get back into the swing of things. But never fear, dear reader! We'll be swinging again soon enough.

Baby Emma is in preschool now. Well, she's not a baby anymore, exactly, but I think I will be calling her that forever, like the girl in Dirty Dancing. She, Emma, had her third birthday a couple weeks after we got back from vacation, and then there was a wedding I was focusing on making a gift for - an elegant white, silver and blue lampwork bead bracelet for the bride. And then the plague visited my household for the last couple weeks, but now I'm all better!  So, back to your regularly scheduled program!

I've been thinking about my blog titles recently, and I'm a big fan of alliteration, so I'm gonna take a little blog planning advice from Handmadology and rearrange my blogging schedule and redo my titles.  We will then have the following line-up: "Monday Madness" - a regular spot to showcase my weekly "Monday Madness" Etsy sale; "Treasury Tuesday" - displaying the weekly treasury I make featuring items I've found on Etsy made with lampwork beads; "Wordless Wednesday" - this will be my own treasury, of sorts, sharing images -  sometimes beads and jewelry, maybe sometimes not - just a few images that strike my fancy; "Pretty Palette Thursday" - ok, not so alliterative, but I want to get back on the wagon with playing with color and using Design Seeds palettes for inspiration... each Thursday will introduce the palette for the following week and show off the beads I made with the previous week's palette... not necessarily in that order :); And, last but not least: "Friday Fireworks" - the day I discuss my week in lampworking... I'll probably discuss all sorts of lampworking related topics, from featuring other lampworker's art, showing off techniques I'm using at the torch, sharing the glass I bought on vacation, etc.

So, seeing as how it's Wednesday, and this is supposed to be "Wordless Wednesday", I will now leave you with some images, and the only words I'll add are these - this is the bracelet I made for the bride, for the wedding I attended the night I was dying from the plague, but had to attend because I couldn't get ahold of anyone to grab the bride and groom's champagne bottle so I could make some commemorative beads out of the glass.

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