Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday's Pretty Palette!

It's time once again to pick a palette at random from the Design Seeds website.  I've picked the palette randomly using a method only known to me.  I used a little bibbity-bobbity, flibberty-gibbety, and an adding machine.  I have to use an adding machine; I'm a bookkeeper and the thing is permanently attached to my right hand.  Maybe that's why I'm having so much trouble getting my lentil beads just so, the damn adding machine keeps getting in the way.

Color Chard by Design Seeds

Why do I always pick the ones that have that raspberry color?!?  Luckily, this time I have some new colors, as I spent WAY too much money at the Gathering on new glass (and THAT is a post for another day).

That green will probably be a nice olive. I'm pretty sure I have a pale, light purple.  I definitely have a red to match.  And maybe I'll bring out one of my rods of CIM's Grape Ape for that darker purple, it is my favorite purple in glass after all!  That would be nice.

Since this is the first week I've been back, I don't have any beads from last week's non-existent palette to show off.  Next week will be MUCH more interesting!

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