Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shedding the past...

Up until I found glass, I practiced every hobby I could get my hands on. It started when I was a teen and discovered building dollhouses. You need to be able to do many different things, learn many different skills, if you want to build and decorate a dollhouse from scratch. So for years I did a little woodworking, a little wallpapering, a little kit bashing, a little quilting, a little cross-stitch, a little sewing, a little pottery, a little clay sculpture, a little whittling, a little crochet, and a bunch of other little stuff. (Yes, pun intended. :) And then I joined the SCA, and being enamored with hobbies already, I learned how to knit, weave, spin wool, bake, dye fabric, leather work, more woodworking and sewing, book binding, cord making, outdoor cooking, and many other things, including mixing drinks. And, all that time, every time I wanted to learn something new, I bought all the supplies, so I ended up with mountains of craft supplies.

My husband and I like to say that our main hobby is collecting hobbies.

When I found glass, it felt as if all my life I had been looking for "the perfect hobby" and suddenly all the other hobbies lost their appeal. I never even look at my spinning wheel anymore, and that was the front-runner for quite a few years. Now I have all these supplies that I feel I couldn't care less about, and am getting very frustrated that all this junk is taking up space, space that I could be using to store glass and lampworking supplies!

But seriously, I'm ready to shed the many layered, dead skins of my past hobbies, but my husband (who has NOT found his passion yet) isn't ready. I feel for him, really I do, so I try not to make a big deal out of it. I just wish we had a Bag of Holding we could store all that paraphernalia in so it would leave more room for moving around the apartment. And for glass storage.


  1. Aimee, I'm so there! I've lived that life and I produced a craft tv show for seven seasons... filling three rooms with "STUFF"... I'm DONE!

    1. Hey Holly, thanks for the comment! I love your beads! I had no idea you did TV production for craft show. I can only imagine how much craft stuff you must have. LOL

  2. I've been trying to sell mine off on ebay (rather, practically give it away)... it takes too long so every so often I box a bunch up and drop it at a school that I know still has an arts program.