Sunday, December 6, 2015

Forgive me Blogger, it's been 659 days since my last post...

In February of 2014 my husband and I decided to move back to the mainland after being on Kauai for 5 years. You might not need to know or care why, but just in case you do these are the three main reasons leading up to finally setting a date for the move. I had been struggling almost continuously with sinus infections from the allergies I had in Hawaii and I was sick all the time; the school our daughter was in suddenly decided to close its doors leaving us and thirty other families scrambling to find a new school for our preschoolers; and at the same time the Hawaii state government decided to change the start date for kindergarteners to 15 days AFTER Emma's subsequent birthday, putting her a year behind her peers on the mainland where she would eventually be going to for the higher grades. Now it's 22 months later and we are finally settled into our new, yet old lives. New and old friends, new jobs, old small town, new apartment, old furniture & books, and new joy at being home on the Central Coast of California.

I haven't had anything to talk about regarding glasswork and beads because shortly after that rainy day in February I packed up my studio into a dozen bankers boxes and set them aside with everything else we were shipping home. It might have taken a while but I have unpacked the boxes, set up my studio at the local MakerSpace, and am happily melting glass again. My perspectives have changed in so many ways since the move and I have suprisingly found that my lampworking skills seem better than I left them, even after 22 months apart, and I want to focus this blog in many future posts on how the glass melts now.

But for now, looking at the highly polished surface of stainless steel, I see things from a different angle:

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